OTD Voted Best Doughnuts in St. Louis in KSDK Poll

Old Town Doughnuts in Florissant takes home the crown for the number one place to get doughnuts is St. Louis, according to our Facebook followers.

“Old Town Doughnuts in Florissant! No other place is even close,” said Chris Ferrell.

“I will drive from the south side to get them!! They’re open 24/7 and they’re always fresh!!!!” said Randi Cory.

“I never liked doughnuts, but had one of these and can’t believe how good they are,” said Renee Radtke LaZear. “Everyone should try them. THE BEST EVER!”

Old Town is a family owned business and has been serving up delicious dones for more than 30 years.

The spot offers a variety of flavors and doughnuts of all shapes and sizes. Apple fritters, strudels and turnovers are also a part of the menu.